Possible Role of Bacterial and CMV Infections in Miscarriages

1Intisar H. Hadi, Hanaa N. Hasan and Hiyam A. Bunyan


Background: Miscarriages are considered to be the most common complication in pregnancy. The incidence of miscarriages in clinically established pregnancies (over the sixth gestational week) is approximately 12%–15%. Several possible causes of miscarriage have been considered, the major ones being genetic abnormalities of the fetus. It has been established that more than 50% of miscarried fetuses are genetically abnormal. Aim of study: To determine the role of CMV and bacterial infections in miscarriages in Hilla city. Methods: One hundred thirty (130) samples of blood and high vaginal swabs were collected from married vaginosis women who visited hospital of Babylon city and private clinics with age ranging in from (18 to 47) years. All the Patients and control sera were screening for IgG antibodies to CMV is useful to detect previous exposure to CMV. Cervical swab\secretion was inoculated into Nutrient agar and was incubated at (37oC) for (24) hours aerobically. The isolates were identified on the basis of colony morphology from colony Gram-staining, and colonies were identified to negative and positive isolates in compacted-vatik-2 system. Some bacteria were detection by PCR technique. Results: The higher concentration of IgG at age group (18-23) and at age group (24-29) about 73.52600± 2.663314 and 55.69333 ± 2.904884 respectively, and absent of IgM level. The highest rate of isolation of bacteria from vaginitis in women with abortions is Lactobacillus in percentage 22(33.84%) followed by Escherichia coli 10(15.38%) Staphylococcus aureus 10(15.38%), Staphylococcus pyogene 7(10.76%), Proteus 5(7.69%), Pseudomonas aerogenosa 4(6.17%), Streptococcus agalactiae 4(6.15%) and Listeria momocytogen 3(4.62%). Conclusion: CMV and bacterial infection were played important role in Miscarriages.


Miscarriages, Cytomegalovirus, Bacterial Vaginosis, Bacterial Infection.

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