Assessing the Knowledge of Universal Student about Mental Illness in Al-Najaf City

1Hani M. Razaq and Saja H. Mohammed


Mental health and mental illness are important topics for every individual, family, and every one in society. Increasing this knowledge about mental illness is important and necessary for all members in society. A cross-sectional study was included (80) universal students. The study aimed to assess the students knowledge about mental illness, as well as, to find any significant relationship among the level of knowledge and their demographic characteristic. Purposive sample used to select students to participate in study. A tool of study contain two main parts. First part included question related to demographic characteristics of students. Second part related to assess the knowledge of mental illness on student. The results revealed (57.5%) of students had moderate level of knowledge about mental illness, while (18.75%) had good level of knowledge. More than the study result showed non significant relationships between selected demographic characteristic of students and their knowledge. The study is recommended to establish special multidisciplinary plan among Ministries of Health and Education to increasing the knowledge about mental illness and Further study should be conducted on large representative sample to know the public knowledge in society about mental illness, especially focusing on young people.


Mental Illness, Mental Disorder, Psychiatric Disorder, Knowledge, Student.

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IssueIssue 5