Classification of Malignant Melanoma and Benign Skin Lesion with the Aid of Using Back Propagation Neural Network and ABCD Rule

1Varun Sharma, Ananth Garg and Dr.S. Thenmalar


Melanoma skin malignant growth recognition at a beginning time is significant for a productive treatment. As of late, it is broadly perceived that, the most extreme risky state of skin malignant growth a portion of different types of pores and skin disease is melanoma because of the reality it's substantially more liable to unfurl to different parts of the body if not perceived and took care of right on time. The non-obtrusive clinical pc creative and judicious or clinical picture preparing assumes progressively immense job in clinical conclusion of various illnesses. Such systems offer a programmed photo investigation gadget for a right and quick assessment of the injury. The means stressed right now are gathering dermoscopy picture database, preprocessing, division, measurable component extraction the utilization of Gray Level Co-event Matrix (GLCM), Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter, (ABCD) and so forth. And afterward classification the utilization of Back Propagation Neural Network (BPN). The outcomes show that the executed order exactness is 75%.


Skin Lesion Picture, Pre-Processing, Features, Segmentation, Class, Back Propagation Neural Network.

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