Molecular Detection and Genotypic Study of Leptotrichia SPP by 16SrRNA Gene that Isolated from Bacterial Vaginosis Miscarriage and Non-miscarriage Women in AL-hillah City

1Ilham A. Bunyan, Alaa K. Hameed and Asmaa K. Gatea


This study was aimed to determine Leptotrichia spp by culture independent method from both bacterial vaginosis women without miscarriage and vaginosis women with miscarriage. Also other aim, sequencing of the 16SrRNA gene was conducted for phylogenetic tree study of local isolates of Leptotrichia spp in comparison to world Leptotrichia spp isolates in NCBI Gen bank and lastly deposition of the current isolates in Gen bank. One hundred fifty (150) high vaginal swabs were collected from women with vaginosis (Seventy five samples were taken from married vaginosis women without miscarriage and Seventy five samples from vaginosis women with miscarriage) from Babylon city hospital and private clinics. The age of patient (15– 45) years. The sample was collected by disposable swabs, 16s rRNA gene detection by polymerase chain reaction technique. Results revealed that 63(84.00%) and 42(56.00%) of Leptotrichia spp out of 150 swabs obtained by PCR from miscarriage and nonmiscarriage vaginosis women respectively . phylogenetic study of the 16S rRNA gene indicated that local Leptotrichia spp (NO.1 and NO.2 ) isolates shared higher homology with other Leptotrichia spp isolates available in the GenBank. The homology of the nucleotides was between (99.06%) for both isolates.


Leptotrichia Spp, 16SrRNA Gene, Bacterial Vaginosis, DNA Sequencing, Molecular Identification, Miscarriage.

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