The relationship of ambience and interaction experiences towards customer satisfaction: case of water park visitors in Bali

1Diah Badriah Handayani, Gagan Sugandi, Anis Abd Razak


The purpose of this study is to measure the relationship between ambience and interaction towards customer’s satisfaction in a unique setting which is water park. Water park is known as a place where customer come to enjoy and have fun. The question is whether it is important to invest on the ambience that could be not associate to the ultimate purpose of customer who come to the water park. Second objective is to validate the role of customer interactions towards customer satisfaction. Data were collected from 200 customers at the exit section. Only customer who exit from the water park is eligible to participate. One of the reason is because only customer who experiences the water park can help to give feedback based on their involvements. The results indicate that both ambience and customer interactions are positively related towards customer satisfaction. Customer is always expecting the best services from the service providers regardless the nature of services offered to them. The results of the study is only limited to the case of Bali, Indonesia and it may need a further validation in other part of the world. The study establishes the need to manage customers’ ambience and customer interactions experiences in water parks.


Customers interactions, ambience, Water parks,

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