The Effect of Uncaria Gambier Roxb Extract on Levels of F2-Isoprostanes in the Submaximal Exercise

1Syahrastani*, Elsa Yuniarti and Dwi Hilda Putri


Athletes always do strenuous physical exercises to prepare themselves to face a championship or a match in a short time. The exercise that fatiguing will increase the formation free radicals that can be damaged the cell membrane with peroxidation process lipid, so F2-isoprostane will formed. This process can be prevented by giving antioxidant from Uncaria gambier Roxbextract that containning highly level of catechins. This study is aimed to determine the effect of Uncaria gambierRoxb extract on levels of F2-isoprostan from Education Center and Sport Training Student in West Sumatera, who perform submaximal exercises. This study was experimented as pre-test and post-test group design to 17 students of football in PPLP West Sumatera. Uncaria gambierRoxb extract 500 mg are given 2 hour before submaximal exercises. The method to examine the F2-isoprostanes is ELISA. Statical analysis was paired samples t-test and the results obtained statistically significant when p <0,05. There is different effect of F2-isoprostanes levels before and after the administration of Uncaria gambierRoxb extract was 48,8+16.9 pg/ml vs 35,3+15,1 pg/ml, p<0.001. Giving Uncaria gambierRoxb extract may affecting the levels of F2-isoprostanes who perform submaximal exercise with a significant.


Uncaria Gambierroxb Extract, Submaximal Exercise, F2-Isoprostanes.

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