The Effectiveness of Collaborative Teaching Approach to Mastering the Basic Standard of Malay Language among Students with Learning Difficulties

1Mohd Asnorhisham Adam*, Abdul Rahim Hamdan, Sanitah Mohd Yusof, Muhammad Sabiq Mohd Noor, Siti Aisyah Adam and Nadiahtun Azreen Othman


The study was conducted to examine the effectiveness of the Collaborative Teaching Approach (CTA) on the mastery of the basic standard of literacy writing Malay language level one. The study was conducted by quasi experiment using CTA in teaching and facilitating. This study was conducted in Primary School in Pasir Gudang district which involved a sample of 70 students in the year two. The two teachers involved were Remedial Teacher and Malay Teacher in this study. The t-test is used to test the hypothesis of the study. The findings showed that there was a significant difference to the experimental group using CTA in achieving the overall basic standard of literacy writing Malay language students. The findings show that the use of CTA is able to increase the level of literacy mastery more effectively to the students with learning difficulties.


Collaborative Teaching Approach (CTA), Teaching and Facilitation (T&F), Malay Teachers (MT), Remedial Teacher (RT), Malay Language Literacy, Students with Learning Difficulties.

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IssueIssue 5