Android Application for Learning Javanese Language

1Nur Syamimi Mohd Razali*, Nurul Baitee Zainuddin and Norhasyimah Hamzah


Language is the medium of speech spoken daily for human communication. The Javanese language is a language commonly spoken by the Javanese people, particularly in Malaysia. However, the Javanese language is rarely spoken among the new generation due to the lack of effort to learn the language. Therefore, there is a need to help the current generation to learn about this hereditary language. This study aims to (i) develop and incorporate a Javanese language-learning application by embedding multimedia elements and (ii) assess the functionality of the application. This Javanese language learning android application was developed as one of the platforms for indirect learning to most users besides attracting them to learn. In this study, an android learning application was developed using Hannafin and Peck model which consists of three main phases, namely analysis, design, implementation phase followed by assesement-and-repetion phase. Adobe Flash Professional CS6 was chosen as the development platform. The application consists of four modules: “Let’s Learn,”“Games,” “Quizzes,” and “Guide.” To test the functionality of the application, the developer collected data from three experts from the Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education and Center for Language Studies. These experts were selected through targeted sampling. The result concluded that the application was functionality smoothly and suitable for new learners to learn about the Javanese language.


Mobile Learning, Multimedia in Education, Android Application, Javanese Language.

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