A Study on the Effect of Ola/Uber Taxi Services over the Local Taxi Services in Kerala

1R. Anand, Jyothis B Das, K. Krupa, Prateek P Kurup and C.V. Durgalakshmi


A study was conducted regarding the effect of Ola/Uber taxi services over the local taxi services in Kerala. There are various types of taxi services operating in our state. Among them, traditional taxi and Uber/Ola are common. Public are interested mostly in Uber and Ola services because their services are very convenient and reasonable in cost wise. Uber taxi drivers are ready to work more hours than traditional taxis. Traditional taxi drivers are mainly operating from their authorized taxi stand whereas Uber taxis operate from the point where they drop their last customer. Most of the traditional taxi drivers are aware of the route and location where the customer has to go. This is because of their long experience in this field. In today’s modern world people use google maps in which they get the exact location, name of place and the exact distance. Most of the traditional drivers are not willing to operate in the night as they must reach their home to look after their family. Some of the traditional drivers charge more than the prescribed govt rate. This creates a bad impression among the customers.


Local Taxi, Uber, Ola, Kerala, Google Maps.

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IssueIssue 5