Steam Education Route in Vietnam: Framework and Students’ Perspective

1Nguyen Huu Hau, Tran Trung Tinh and Nguyen Thuy Van


In terms of the technological development that has significantly proposed and influenced on STEAM education. We elaborate to self-develop a STEAM framework and explore the perspective student’s effectiveness for learning and developing consequences. Herewith art education project that precisely considered on the learning of Vietnamese traditional instrument (as called T’rung) in the high school curriculum of the 11th grade. A self-process of 7 steps with 4 experts, 7 teachers, and 1 principal was contributed to generate a framework that probably confirm the procedure of STEAM excellency. On top, a qualitative method with a semi-structure evaluation of 16 students was carried out to explore their perspective usages of the STEAM education implemented. Collected data was measured and analyzed by NVIVO 12 software in themes development. The results reveal a STEAM framework with three stages of "problem-solving activity via STEAM skills and integrated learning capabilities", "teaching process to create knowledge", and "self-seeking solutions in STEAM". These obtained frame works together with assess criteria of students ‘outcomes such as creativity, innovation, prototype, explanation, research, information, fluency, presentation and visual appeal were acquired. This may be perspective impact to improve the quality of STEAM education in the Vietnamese circumstance.


High School, STEAM Education, Arts Education, Vietnamese Traditional Instrument.

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IssueIssue 5