Analyzing the Effect of Product, Promotion and decision factors in Determining Green Purchase Intention: An Empirical Analysis

1P. Vijaya and Dr.M. Sivakoti Reddy


Green products are eco-friendly and highly sustainable, widely acceptable for consumers health aspects. In this connation, it is considerable factor for a marketer to indulge his self to identify that what consumers’ percept about the company’s product and promotion factor that would intends the most and intern leads to green purchase decision. By intensive literature review the three higher order factors along with age, gender and educational qualifications are considered in the present study with price, product and promotion as independent factors which influence green product purchase intention. An empirical examination was performed through a survey by considering the sample size of 151 respondents who purchase green products. Descriptive and inferential statistical techniques are performed such as factor analysis and multiple regressions. By the observations it is evident that demographics has a considerable intervention along with product and promotion on purchase intention and subsequently intention leads to green purchase decision. Eventually, results along with discussions and conclusions are drawn in the study.


Green Product, Promotion, Intention, Green Purchase Decision.

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