Potential Politics Cash in a Moving the Growth Economic Development in a Shadow Exchange Commercial Regional Level Non Equivalent with Iraq

1Abdulhussein Jalil Abdulhasan, Layla Bdaiwi Khudhair and Abaas Asfore Lafta


That Policies Cash Which Followed Countries Good Regional level Iraq desire Of which in Expansion Commercial Reduction Values Currencies Effect On Activity Economic development Production In a manner Clear So The This search Spins About this is the problem He tries Signal to me Possibilities Which Own it Politics Cash To move Life Economic development in a Iraq in a Shadow This Exchange Commercial Non Equivalent With That Countries He arrived to me Results Of which that Countries Good Regional level Especially Turkey And Iran Continue Reduction Values Their currencies Wan Their trade in a expansion Continuous With Iraq Wan There A struggle Commercially Between them Acquisition On Period Larger in a market Iraq And transgression This Conflict border Confidentiality Commercial to me The statements Public And here Must Of the Bank Central And the Government Iraq From Take Procedures short And medium And long Term To protect Production the local And increase it by providing The environment Occasion for him Pictures From Goods Foreign The competition And steering Life Economic development Iraq Toward Production allowance Import.


Monetary Policy, Currency War, and Regional Trade with Iraq

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