Glucose Level and Body Mass Index (BMI) Among Chronic Psychotic Patients Treated with A Typical Antipsychotic (Olanzapine) or Traditional Antipsychotic or Both of Them. In Nasiriya City \ Iraq

1Hussain Hlail Wad’a Al Sayyad


Background: Schizophrenic and manic depressive patients treated with olanzapine have 1.5-2 times more rate of diabetes mellitus and obesity in comparism with normal population (1), it was observed that traditional antipsychotic associated with hyperglycemia in uncontrolled study (2), this study facilitate a chance to study the side effect of both typical and atypical antipsychotic drugs on glucose during prospective trial (3), probable explanation related to increase body weight due to atypical antipsychotic blockage of hypothalamic H1 receptor or serotonergic 5-HT receptorantagonism.(4) Aims of Study: Study assessed the glucose level¸ BMI¸ through period of treatment with olanzapine¸ traditional antipsychotic or both dugs on studysample. Also, tudying of the effect of various risk factors like socio_demographic variables¸ type of treatment (T0T)¸duration of disease (DOD)¸random blood sugar (RBS). Methods: Seventy patients (20males and 50 females) with chronic psychotic disorder, manic depressive psychoses were out patients studied in cross- sectional approach established evaluation consist patients treated for many years with atypical, traditional antipsychotic or both drugs, involving RBS¸ glycated hemoglobine HbA1c and BMI for the period march,1 to Sep,1 2019 DSMIV criteria was used for diagnosis of mental disorders Ethics: Verbal and written consent was taken from patients and their relatives Result: Most of patients were diagnosed as chronic psychotic or manic depressive psychoses or other psychiatric disorders treated from one year and above. 70 patients of study sample (20male¸50females), (48.6%) were on olanzapine¸(20%) Were treated with traditional antipsychotics¸(31.4%) were on both drugs, most of patients were obese (35.7%)and over weight (37.1%),(14.3%)of study sample were diabetic¸(85.7%)were with normal HbA1C, other correlated variables to diabetes mellitus were studied in various statiscal approaches Conclusion: Cross sectional study of sample treated with olanzapine, traditional antipsychotics or both to reveal level of HbA1c¸BMI and other relevant variables.


Glucose Level, BMI, Olanzapine, Traditional Antipsychotic, Nassirya City, Iraq.

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