Effects of Green Marketing on Supply Chain Management

1Sarat K Samal


In the last decade, sustainability marketing and the ecological supply chain have attracted the attention of scholars and professionals alike. No comprehensive structure on how to create industrial corporate brands and green industrial brands has been established nevertheless. It is still uncertain whether or not sustainable / carbon supply chains can be combined with green industrial marketing in building greener companies and industrial products. However, little is understood about the considerations surrounding green new industrial product development or how companies implement green new industrial products. In fact, as learned little about whether and how the renewable supply chain allows the production of environmentally new industrial goods. This special issue is designed to reflect the current developments in green industrial marketing, eco / sustainable supply chains and their interplay in green industrial branding, and to discuss potential paths in science. The researchers hope the requested research paper will be able to provide insight into the effect of renewable or green supply chains on marketing strategy in manufacturing and business-to-business industries.


Industrial markets, Marketing strategies, Green Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Product Development.

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IssueIssue 6