Concussion Injury in Cricket

1Dr. Aniruddha Dash, Dr. Somnath Prasad Jena


Cricket is a popular global sport that requires a combination of physical fitness, skill, and strategy. Although a noncontact sport, overuse and impact injuries are common since players engage in a wide range of physical activities, including running, throwing, batting, bowling, catching, and diving. Significant or match time-loss injuries are defined as those that either prevent a player from being fully available for selection in a major match, or during a major match, cause a player to be unable to bat, bowl, or keep wicket when required by either the rules or the team’s captain. In the history of cricket players have witnessed and faced many different types of injuries but in last few years concussion injury has made the headlines. It is well known that head injuries are much more serious than fracture or a cramp, it is often difficult to monitor since most of them are internal injury and can lead to life threatening injury. This paper will discuss about the diagnosis of these injurie and steps taken by the cricket authorities.


Concussion, Cricket, Diagnosis, Injuries and Sport

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