Advantages of IT Applications in Hotel Management

1Bibhuti B Pradhan


This paper seeks to present a conceptual framework explaining how technologies utilizing information technology (IT) will contribute to competitive advantage in hotel companies. When designing and executing IT programs, several aspects need to be closely assessed, so that they can contribute to competitive advantage when hospitality companies. While evaluating IT decisions in hotels, there are several closely related fields, which comprises of coherence between the IT decision and business strategy, styles of IT implementations, expected effects of IT decisions, and decision-making style. Sophistication of the system, resource utilization and management skills are key issues when making IT policies. Not all the IT investments, however, can result in positive results or short-lived sustainability. Moreover, the period between taking IT investment decisions and seeing their expected effects can be lagging. There are several aspects and problems to consider when making and executing IT investment decisions if they are to add to the competitive advantage of the business. Hotel businesses need to be careful with their decision of IT investment and look carefully at each IT expenditure.


Applications, Competitive advantages, Competencies, Hotels, Information technology, Investments.

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