A Review on Identity Safety Using Block chain

1Ansuman Samal, Bibhuti B Pradhan


Frequent cases of different information spillage has brought again into the center of security issues with the diverse personality sharing components. A client is required to give his own personality to confirm by various offices. The KYC systems which are utilized by the banks is totally reliant on the encryption which is moderate and it can prompt the loss of client subtleties to different theirs gathering budgetary foundations. This system can be proficient by utilizing the Block chain innovation, which can possibly mechanize a heap of manual procedure and it is additionally impervious to hacks of any kind. The permanent block chain block and its conveyed record is the ideal supplement to the obscure procedure of KYC. With the expansion of the savvy contacts extortion, recognition can be automated. For KYC character subtleties storage, the banks can build up a mutual private block chain inside the bank premises and the equivalent can be utilized for checking the archives. This permits the client to oversee their touchy reports and furthermore makes it simpler for banks to get the records they require for consistency.


Digital Identity, Identity Management, Block chain, Privacy, Bit coin, Personal data.

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