Governance Reform in Services Security and Order of Visit at Prison

1Dr. Mochammad Rozikin, Agung Edi Rustanto, *Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim, Wike, Sos


In general, prisons in Indonesia are attributed to overcapacity and a horrible standard facility, but there is one prison found the opposite problem. Still, instead, prisoners can enjoy luxury facilities that exceed the standard. One of the luxurious facilities enjoyed by the prisoner is the facility to receive visits. A prisoner in class 1 of Sukamiskin prison can receive visits with luxury facilities in the form of luxury halls built by the prisoners. Prisoners can order fancy foods from the restaurant to be sent to prison. Another problem is that the visit time is not according to the rules, where a prisoner can be visited until late at night. The irregularity of the visit to class 1 of Sukamiskin prison received the attention of the community. The Ministry of Law and Human Rights is urged to carry out governance reforms to improve security services and order traffic. Governance reform in Sukamiskin class 1 prison is carried out through several effective stages. The success of governance reforms in security services and orderliness of visits needs to be examined because it is essential to know the implementation process. This research applied the descriptive qualitative method with a case study approach in class 1 of Sukamiskin prison. Informants in this study were prison leadership officials, prison staff officers, prisoners, and visitors. The results of this study are governance reforms in class 1 of Sukamiskin prison succeeded in creating a safer and more orderly visit service. The entire visit service is carried out following the standards, both the facilities and the time of the visit.


Governance reform, correctional services, the prison in Indonesia, security and order, prisoners

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