Exploration of Market Potential Towards Dental Material Brands: An Assessment with Preferences of Dentists in India

1Nitin Zaware, Avinash Pawar, Sarika Kale, Meenakshi Surve


Today, dental problems are a major public health issue in many developing countries. Now there are many changes in lifestyles, awareness, and perspectives about dental care. This growing awareness about dental hygiene and the rising prevalence of dental care is expected to drive the market. The dental supplies account for the largest share of the overall dental market encompassing material, implants, equipment, and services. The potential size of India’s dental market is immense and is anticipated to become one of the largest single-country markets for dental products and materials. The Indian market presents worthwhile and assorted opportunities for marketers with the right products, services, and commitment. This paper explores the market potential of dental material of various types and accesses the dentist’s preferences towards the dental material brands in India. The primary data is collected from 150 dentists from Pune city of India and discoursed the analysis towards the market potential, usage counts, distribution percent, and preference assessment of dentists for the dental material. The outcome of the paper highlights the market potential value for dental material brands, usage priorities trend and dentist preferences for different elements. Furthermore, the study shows the association for the company brand, dental material, material requirement and type of material for market implications for dental material manufacturers.


Dental Marketing, Market Potential, Oral Care, Dental Problems, Marketing Strategy, Dental Market, Dental Material, Dentist Preferences, Dentists, India.

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