The Correlation of Factors of Delay on the Implementation of Irrigation Construction Projects in Pidie Regency

1Maimun , Anita Rauzana, Masimin


The implementation of irrigation construction projects in Aceh Province experienced problems related to delays. The continued construction of dams and irrigation in Aceh Province using the 2016 Aceh Budget (APBA) until July 2017 has not yet been completed. The project delay is the main reason for the project cost overruns. This study aims to identify the factors and dominant factors that cause delays, as well as analyze the level of closeness of the correlation between the factors of delays on the implementation of irrigation construction projects in PidieRegency. This research uses quantitative methods through questionnaires. The total population in this study was 63 contracting companies that had carried out irrigation construction projects in Pidie Regency starting from 2012-2018. The results showed that the factors that caused the delay were labor, implementation method, change, material factors, time and control, equipment, financial, and contract factors. The contract factors have a very high level of closeness, also the change, labor, environmental, relations with government, and time and control factors have a high level of closeness, in addition, implementation method, material, and equipment factors have a sufficient level of closeness and, finally, financial factors have a low level of closeness to the cost of implementing irrigation construction projects.


correlation, factors, implementation, Irrigation construction, projects, pidie regency

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IssueSpecial Issue 2