The Analysis of the Crevice Corrosion Rate of AISI 1020 Steel Due to Speed Flow of Seawater

1Reza Putra, T. Hafli, Muhammad, Asnawi


Crevice corrosion is local corrosion that usually occurs between similar metal joints in a closed section of the gap or on cracks within the metal surface. The specimens used in this study were AISI 1020 ringshaped steel with a thickness of 2 mm, a hole diameter of 8 mm, and a surface diameter of 23 mm of 24 specimens. The purpose of this study is to determine the extent of seawater fluid flow velocity to the AISI 1020 carbon steel crevice corrosion rate. The process of crevice corrosi on rate testing is carried out by dipping the test method into the seawater environment which is given temperature treatment and seawater fluid flow velocity, with time for 5 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours, and 20 hours periodically. The test results the rate of crevice corrosion is strongly influenced by the temperature and flow velocity of the fluid passing through it and the largest corrosion rate is 0.109 mpy at 30℃ temperature conditions with a testing time of 20 hours and a flow speed of 2.05602 m/s.


analysis, crevice, corrosion, speed flow, seawater

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IssueSpecial Issue 2