Hydro Distillation of Java Citronella Using Microwaves Technique: Effect of Mass Ratio and Irradiation Time on Physical Characteristics of Java Citronella Oil

1S Salamah, M Sarah, D Estherina


Java citronella is a bush plant that commonly grows in a tropical and semi-tropical climate. Extraction of Java Citronella can produce essential oils that are very useful for fragrances in soaps, perfumes and also beneficial in the medical application. Essential oils can be obtained through extraction methods such as hydrodistillation and modification of this method aims to correct existing deficiencies. Hydrodistillation using microwave technique was carried out at a fixed power of 300 watts with variations mass ratio of the java citronella of 3:40 (w / v), 4:40 (w / v) and 5:40 (w / v) and time variations of 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes. Then the java citronella oil density and the refractive index were analyzed. The density value at ratio 5:40 (w/v) within 45 and 60 minutes has reached the standard value for java citronella oil and the refractive index for all variations also has reached the standard value for java citronella oil.


java, citronella, microwaves, technique irradiation, physical, characteristics citronella oil

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