The Effect of LHM Slot to 2.4 GHz Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna

1Catra Indra Cahyadi, Abd. Rachman Abubar, *Mutiara Widasari Sitopu, Eriansyah Saputra Hasibuan, Habib Muharry Y


This paper describes about rectangular microstrip patch antenna using Left Handed Metamaterial (LHM) method operates at frequency 2.4 GHz. This method is designed on substrate made from FR4 and substrate thickness is 1.6 mm. Etched on antenna ground plane that its size is 49x49 mm, LHM method is used to reduce VSWR and retun loss. In this study, slot iteration is on ground plane toward LHM and starts from upper to lower side, left to right side of ground plane. Iteration size is about 1 mm to 4 mm but LHM size is constant. The simulation results show LHM method reduce VSWR and Return Loss. The slot size in relation to VSWR and Return loss is linear, the smaller the slot size is iterated, the lower return loss and VSWR is yielded. The lowest Return loss and VSWR are about -47.34 dBi and 1,009 at frequency operates 2.4 GHz, obtained at ground plane slot distance to LHM is 1 mm.


effect, rectangular microstrip patch antenna

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IssueSpecial Issue 2