Exploring 10-years Progress Political Change, Women and Reaction of Society in Aceh

1Khairul Hasni


This special autonomy was granted in order to address the political, economic and cultural grievances of the Acehnese people.The Aceh government has the right to use its own regional symbols, to establish local political parties and considerable rights in the economic and fiscal areas. Women’s positions on politic could be seen from their involvement in the political arena and the ability of women to occupy decision-making positions. Women’s inability to achieve important positions in public is influenced by many factors, including ideology and government policy, as well as by social changes. This article aims to focus on the condition of Acehnese local politic and women by analyzing their roles and positions in the politic system as well as in other institutions. The discussion intends to explore the condition of political change that has triggered the marginalization of Acehnese women in part of local many areas. This article implies that the ex- clusion of local politic and elite politic from public spaces is largely caused by the internal and external problems, by protracted conflicts and tsunami effected in Aceh was a new face.


Politic, Women, Society, Partai Politic,

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IssueSpecial Issue 2