Initial Comparison Of Difference Of Type Warm Up Exercise On Pulmonary Function

1Byung-seob Kim, Su-bin Park, Nam-hyun Jeon, Dong-Yeop Lee, Ji-Heon Hong, Jae-Ho Yu, Jin-seop Kim


Background/Objectives: The purpose of this study is to find out how passive and active pre-treadmill exercise affect pulmonary capacity. Method/Statistical analysis: This study was conducted with 20 healthy male university students in their 20s and they were randomly placed in each group. Spirometer (Pony FX, Italy), Ambu-bag (Mow Medical, Korea) and Ultrabreathe (Aqus, UK) were used. Comparisons were made between and inside groups. Findings: Compared with the group before and after, the mean value of active inspiratory muscle warm-up group decreased in all factors, but there were significant differences in maximal oxygen consumption(VO2max), expiratory minute volume(VE), metabolism(METs)(p<.05). In the passive inspiratory muscle warm-up group, the mean value increased in all factors except respiratory exchange ratio(RER), but there was no significant difference(p>.05). In comparison between the groups, the passive inspiratory muscle warm-up group increased no significantly in all items than the active inspiratory muscle warm-up group(p>.05). Improvements/Applications: Active inspiratory muscle warm-up exercise is thought to negative effects on some pulmonary function in a short time than active inspiratory muscle warm-up exercise.


Ultrabreathe, Ambu bag, Inspiratory muscle, pulmonary function, Warm up.

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IssueIssue 7