Evaluation of Environmental dose in Diagnostic Radiation CT (Computed Tomography) Room

1Chang- Gyu Kim


Background/Objectives: CT (Computed Tomography) scanning plays an important role in diagnosis and treatment of patients, and, with the recent development of equipment and scanning techniques, it is commonly used in hospitals. Methods/Statistical analysis: By choosing 7 hospitals which perform CT scanning 500 times or over a month, we measured environmental radiation doses in CT room for over one month from November 19 to December 31, 2019. Using glass dosimeter for environmental monitoring, this research measured and analyzed accumulated leakage doses of radiation zones of CT room with preventive wall and shielding efficiency of patient-observing window. The aim of this research was to provide data for planning and education of safety management of diagnostic radiation. Findings: 1cm dose equivalent values of glass dosimeter for 3 months were 0.78mSv at maximum, and 0.24mSv on average on the door of CT moderating room; 1.35mSv at maximum, and 0.34mSv on average on the shielding wall of CT moderating room; 1.29mSv at maximum, and 0.27mSv on average on the shielding wall in the entrance of CT room. There was no dose exceeding natural radiation on the entrance door of CT room used by patients. The accumulated values of 1cm dose equivalent for three months on the inside of CT room were 117.30mSv at maximum, and 87.07mSv on average, and the accumulated values of 1cm dose equivalent for three months on the outside of CT room were 0.69mSv at maximum, and 0.16mSv on average, proving the shielding efficiency of 99.8% of patient-observing window. Improvements/Applications: It is necessary to do continuous researches on monitoring of environmental radiation of diagnostic radiation generator in the whole preventive facilities of diagnostic radiation generator as well as CT room, and on defects on window frame and shielding efficiency of radiation shielding bodies.


CT, diagnostic radiation, environmental monitoring, safety, shielding

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