Effect of Sling Neck Flexion Exercise on Concentration and Brain Activity of Subjects with Forward Head Posture

1Won-Sik Bae, Dong-Yeop Lee, Keon-Cheol Lee


Background/Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of sling neck flexion exercise on attention and brain activity in subjects with forward head posture (FHP). Method/statistical Analysis: The study group comprised 30 students who were randomly divided into two groups. One group(15 students) took part in sling neck flexion exercise for 6 wk, and the other group(15 students) served as the control. FHP was determined using a global postural system (GPS 400) device. An electroencephalogram (EEG) was performed using EEG 3000 to assess left and right brain activity. Findings: A homogeneity test revealed that the general characteristics of the subjects in the two groups did not significantly differ. A paired t-test and independent t-test were performed to analyze differences between and within two groups. The change in concentration according to the experiment duration showed a significant difference in the experimental group (p<.05). By contrast, the control group showed no significant difference (p>.05). While the change in the left brain activity showed a significant difference in the experimental group (p<.05), the control group did not show a significant difference (p>.05). The mean at each time period showed no significant difference between the two groups (p>.05). While the experimental group showed a significant difference in the change in the right brain activity according to the experiment duration (p<.05), no significant difference was observed in the control group (p>.05). The between-group difference of the mean at each time period showed no significance (p>.05). Improvements/Applications: In conclusion, sling neck flexion exercise can improve brain function. Regular postural correction exercise is required. We expect the results to be used in clinical trials.


Brain activity, Concentration, Electroencephalogram, Forward head posture, Global postural system, Sling neck flexion exercise

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