Forecasting productive user responsiveness to social media advertisement: The importance of sentimental appeal, informativeness, and ingenuity

1Sathapath Kilaso, Kathaleeya Chanda, Yananda Siraphatthada, Premkamon Jankaweekool


As social networks utilities are nowadays more prevalent, social media advertisement rises as an appealing means for amplifying advertisement performance. To take advantage with this latest medium of marketing, everyone should know what deals with social networking sites users in their favorite web-based conduct which is openly pointing out personal, or in favor for, the open note by clicking the Like or Post button in Facebook, which in turn result in an efficient advertisement drive. The current study conceptualized social networking sites advertisement performance as an idea enclosing sentimental appeal, informativeness, and ingenuity that comprises a tendency to collaborate to productive web-based conduct. It experimentally evaluates the precedence of productive user conduct for social networking sites advertisements based on the theory of reasoned action, the social influence theory, and persuasion theory. It suggests and examines a conceptual paradigm of the establishment of web-based users conduct responsiveness by following social network sites advertisement. The outcomes of our experimental estimation of the paradigm uncover that informativeness and advertisement ingenuity were main determinants of prosperous conduct responsiveness to social networking sites advertisement and that target to involve in prosperous user responsiveness was productively related with buying intention. Based on these consequences, current research recommends future study directions and provides implementations for governing the complete tendency of the latest social networking sites advertisement forum.


SNS, affinity, social impact, viral conduct.

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IssueIssue 7