Map of Religious Radicalism in Students of Central Java Indonesia

1Ali Masyhar, Rodiyah, Ali Murtadho


Acts of terrorism in various regions were alleged to be directly proportional to the flourishing and proliferation of radicalism ideology, including radicalism among students. The great campuses precisely become targets of operations in spreading radicalism. The proliferation of the spread of radicalism among students has become a phenomenon required for in-depth study. During this time, students become one of the interesting elements to derail into radical agents. In plain view, students indicated to be radical are no different from students in general. Although their styles of clothing are slightly different, yet it cannot be linearly interpreted to be included into radical groups. Tarbiyah groups (KAMMI-Salafi) are very domineering public universities (PTN) campuses in Indonesia. There is a tendency, following the dismissal of HTI, the HTI exponent assembled and affiliated with KAMMI. In general, they take control the mosque and Islamic prayer rooms (mushola) in campuses. In addition, they also dominate the majority of student organizations (LK)/student organizations (Ormawa) and the Student Activity Unit (UKM) on campus. Their regeneration is quite good to foster as from new students to the boarding houses outside the campus.


Spread of Radicalism, Students

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