Prenatal health education using expository method as a prevention of stunting

1E Yunitasari, S Maesaroh, R Fauziningtyas, A Emawati


As a global Issue since 2017, stunting is seen as a serious problem that should be solved immediately to reduce the prevalence of stunting. The incidence of stunting in Indonesia continues to increase, it is due to socio-ethnic conditions food belief especially in pregnant women in some regions. The aim of this study is to explain the influence of health education on pregnant women in preventing stunting. A quasy experiment with pre-post test design was conducted on 60 pregnant women in Bangkalan. A systematic simple random sampling technique was used to choose pregnant women with pregnancy <7 months and regularly perform antenatal care. Structured questionnaire was used to collect the data and analyzed using Wilcoxon and Mann Whitney test with a significance level of α <0.05. The result showed that there were the effectiveness of expository method using media booklets and card game on increasing knowledge (p=0,000), attitudes (p=0,000) and ability (p=0,000) in the treatment group. There were significant differences between the treatment and control group on knowledge (p=0,001), attitude (p=0,000), and ability (p=0,000) after the intervention. Prenatal education using expository methods effectively improves the knowledge, attitudes and ability of pregnant women as an effort to prevent stunting.


Prenatal, Health Education, Prevention Stunting, Expository method.

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