Effect of Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise Leaflet on Reducing Blood Pressure of Hypertensive Elderly: An Integrated Health Care Delivery System

1Nurwahidah, Akhmad Fathoni, Syaiful


Hypertension or high blood pressure is a vascular problem which causes the supply of oxygen and nutrients carried by blood being blocked to the tissues. The results of the Baseline Health Research (Riskesdas) reported in 2014 showed an increase in the national prevalence of hypertension in people aged over 18 years by about 37.1%. From 2007 to 2015. This study uses a quasy-experimental method, using a comparative pre-test and post-test, on 64 aged people. The research subjects were observed by measuring the blood pressure before and after activity. Data analysis used paired T-test with an α = 0.05. Significance based on ρ value <0.05. From the results of studies that have been conducted most of the respondents’ blood pressure after giving the Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise Leaflet was at mild hypertension stages. Based on the results of the study shows that there is an effect of Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise Leaflet on reducing the blood pressure of hypertensive elderly at an integrated health care delivery system in Talabiu Village, Woha District of Bima Regency


blood, breathing, elderly, exercise, leaflet, pressure

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