Population Control and Strengthening of Population Governance

1Anwar Sanusi, Sunardi, Phong Thanh Nguyen, Rusmini, Ridawati Sulaeman


-Indonesia's populace structure is portrayed by a high extent of the beneficial age populace. In 2018, the beneficial age populace in Indonesia arrived at 68.6 percent or 181.3 million individuals with a low reliance rate for youthful and old, which was 45.7. This adjustment in populace structure will open up open doors for Indonesia to get segment profit rewards which in the medium and long haul will support high financial development and convey Indonesia into an upper center salary nation. This segment reward will be acquired by the accessibility of value and serious HR. The Indonesia advancement 2020-2024 is planned to shape quality and serious HR, in particular HR that are sound and keen, versatile, creative, gifted, and described. To accomplish this objective, human improvement approach is aimed at populace control and reinforcing populace administration, satisfaction of fundamental administrations and social insurance, improving the nature of youngsters, ladies and youth, lightening destitution, and expanding profitability and intensity of the workforce. The human improvement arrangement is done dependent on a real existence cycle approach and comprehensive, including watch the requirements of the older populace and inhabitants with inabilities.


human resources, population growth, education, innovation system, basic services

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