Methodology for sequencing sensitive data encryption methods are improved using the applied mathematics model

1Azhar malik


The log allows a link to aggregate the records of the same person from several sources, and thus can improve the feasibility of epidemiological research such as population studies. Security is important. Encryption of computer records and links to medical information chain for disease surveillance logo CNRS logo INIST Accrual / Home Improper / Print Contact / Contact Bookmark and Share Mendeley. It is presented before the identity is performed when a hash code is used based on the standard hash algorithm (S HA) function. Once the patient is anonymous ANONYMAT using a program, we can associate it in a way that takes many variables of definition into account. Several things have been done to connect the anonymous record both internally and externally. The applications show that the use of ANONYMAT software is possible to make respect for data confidentiality legislation without preventing access of data. This chapter recalls some fundamental notions necessary for the understanding of the document, mainly on the Boolean functions applied to cryptography as well as on the niter bodies of characteristic 2 which we need. For the informed reader and connoisseur, it is quite possible to go directly to the next chapter and to enter the body of the document.


non-reversible encryption, hash encoding, log binding, security.

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