The Effectiveness of Using K.W.L Strategy According to Modern Techniques in Learning Some Basic Skills of the Game of Volleyball for Students

1Dr. Saeed Ghani Nouri*, Abbas Taha Hussein and Dirgham Ahmed Shaalan


One of the objectives of this study is to identify the effectiveness of using the strategy of K.WL according to modern techniques in learning some basic skills in volleyball game for students, as the experimental method was used with two equal groups. The research sample was selected by lot and distributed to two experimental and control groups, and parity was conducted for the two groups of skills under study, and for the academic year 2018-2019. A total of 16 teaching units were applied for eight weeks for both groups, according to an educational curriculum distributed according to two units per week (45 minutes). The researchers concluded the effectiveness of the curriculum prepared using the KWL strategy according to modern techniques in learning some skills in volleyball. For the experimental group, as well as the interaction of students with the strategy to develop their ideas and develop solutions to their problems.


Strategy (K.W.L), Modern Techniques, Some Basic Skills in Volleyball.

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