Novel Approach Towardsa Digital Cloth Alteration System for Branded Cloth Store

1Kuljeetsinh A. jadeja, Dr. Ravirajsinh S. Vaghela


In the 21st century, people are merging themselves with technology the digital payment platform sets the most relevant example of it, which supports us to obtain our life in convenient ways. In the same way, cloth retailers are upgrading their shops with the most recent technology like online stock system, consumer's data, and feedbacks. All these luxury brand stores are typically producing one specific problem as they are repeatedly making offline cloth alteration records on paper slip likewise, one copy of slip has maintained by longtime customers. Furthermore, employees have been saving notes of cloth alteration slips for a long time which becomes messy when it is overmuch data. Besides, sometimes tailors may also mistakenly lose the paper slips. As a solution, Well design online system for storing frequent customer's cloth alteration data with a QR code generated the bill will be better. As a consequence, the employee will exactly send simple QR codes with their tailors and customers by WhatsApp or email, which is cost-effective and easy to track.


Company, cloth alteration, employee, customers, Alteration, cloth, Industry, QR-code bill.

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IssueSpecial Issue 1