Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Interventions and Experential Learning Method in Supporting Coping Mechanism and Resilience of Family Caregivers of Patients with Cancer: ASystematic Review

1Ah. Yusuf, Titis Eka Apriliyanti


Background:Cancer has an impact not only on sufferers but also on families. There are psychological factors related to cancer that have specific properties because they can cause stress, anxiety, fear of loss, and other psychological reactions such as rejection, anger, depression in the family so they need to receive help so that their psychological condition is well maintained. Awareness-based interventions, which have been shown to improve cognitive behavioral psychological functions and experiential learning methods that are able to shape cognitive knowledge with learning that reflects the experience they have. This review aims to conduct a systematic literature review of the study of mindfulness interventions and experiential learning methods as supportive care for family caregivers of patients with cancer. Method: Review is carried out by following the PRISMA alloy. We conducted a search of three electronic databases (Scopus, PubMed and Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews) for studies published between 2013 and 2018 with relevant keywords. Results: A total of 15 articles were identified through systematic searches and six inclusion criteria from 3,223 articles found. Studies related to MBSR show that the value (β = - 0.32, ρ <0.01, r2 = 0.11). These results state that the more mindful an individual is, the more harmless the assessment of stress, the results show that mindful individuals will choose stress coping approach strategies rather than stress avoidant coping strategies and experiential learning studies that show the influence of patient empowerment based on experiential learning towards prevention measures for acute complications.Conclusion: MBSR and experiential learning methods are methods that both are cognitive therapies that use the same understanding of experience as media.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, experential learning, coping mechanism, resilience, and cancer.

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