Family Resilience Model Escalating the Family Ability to Prevent Recurrent of Patient with Schizophrenia

1Rizki Fitryasari, Nursalam, Ah. Yusuf, Rachmat Hargono


The presence of schizophrenia patients in the family system causes a various situation of stress. Families need the ability to withstand stress and problems during the care through resilience. This study aims to apply Family Resilience Model to improve the ability of the family to prevent recurrent of the patient with schizophrenia.Quasi-experiment design was employed 32 families who care schizophrenic patients at RSJ Menur Surabaya which obtained by simple random sampling. They were divided for 16 treatments and 16 controls. The independent variable was the family resilience model and the dependent variable was the family's ability to prevent recurrent of the patient with schizophrenia. Data were measured using questionnaires and analyzed using Wilcoxson Sign-Rank Test and Mann-Whitney Test (α <0.05).The family resilience model affects the ability of the family to prevent recurrent of the patient with schizophrenia (p = 0.000). Family resilience focuses on stimulating family enhancement through stress management so the family can rise up, growing stronger and doing better in giving support, accept the patient condition, provide the patient with activity and helping patient to solve the problem as the effort to prevent recurrent in the patient with schizophrenia.Family resilience model was able to increase the family capability in taking care of schizophrenia patients, especially to prevent the patients recurrently.


Schizophrenia, family, resilience, prevent recurent, model, Indonesia, stres management, family resilience

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