Utilization of Agrarian Land Reform Resources Through Village Development Approach in Ende Regency

1Abdullah Said dan, Nana Abdul Aziz


Agriculture plays an important role for Indonesia Economy. Agriculture sector development towards agribusiness and agro-industry systems will increase the added value of agricultural sector. One aspect which needs to be discusses to improve agriculture prospect or agrarian sector is a function related to land utilization. However, one of agrarian land use problems in Ende Regency is found many inappropriate in its use. Village development as an approach to solve the problems involves all stakeholders to collaborate on joint solutions. The Research method used is descriptive qualitative method, which data collection was conducted through primary and secondary surveys. Furthermore, the data was analyzed using interactive analysis by Miles, Huberman dan Saldana. The implementation of the utilization of Agrarian Reform Land resources through Village development approaches in Ende Regency is still being developed, because it sees its potential with such land problems. Hence, the recommendation that can be given namely: Agrarian reform activities to be included in regional development planning documents and village level development planning; Social and cultural approach in conducting agrarian reform data collection; Prepare documents in order to succeed agrarian reform and other supporting activities; Empowering rural communities through the use of agrarian reform with the support of development plans; and integrated planning between agrarian reform with supporting factors.


utilization, agrarian reformation, village development

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IssueSpecial Issue 1