The Effect of Labor Holistic Classes on the Belief of Mother against Labor, the Stress Level and Long Time of Second Stage of Labor

1Runjati, Sri Rahayu, Umaroh, Sri Wahyuni, Rugayah


Background: The process of pregnancy and childbirth is a very valuable experience for women because at this time there were major changes both in the pregnant mother and the family, especially her husband, however not all women experience a pregnancy that goes well and ends with a delivery for the mother and baby. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the holistic class of labor on stress levels, labor beliefs, and the length of time II labor. Methods: This type of experimental research, pre-post test design with control group design, and the population is the third-trimester pregnant women with 33-34 weeks gestational age. They were randomly selected in the district of Tegal. Then the mothers were divided randomly into two groups that were given the Holistic labor class and the control group standard program for pregnant women. The total number of respondents were 30 pregnant women divided into two classes. Mothers in each class were given four times the meeting material for 4 weeks and measured before and after the intervention in the first and fourth weeks and followed until delivery. The analysis of data used t-test. Results: The results showed that there was an influence on the level of stress and confidence of the mother toface labor before attending the holistic classes compared to the standard class of pregnant women (p <0.05) and the differences significantly in the level of stress and confidence of the mother in the Holistic class compared to the standard class of pregnant women (P< 0.05). Besides that, there is also the influence of the duration of the second stage of labor with an average length of the second stage of 28.80 minutes and those who did not attend the Holistic class of the average length of the second stage of 80.53 minutes (p <0.05). Conclusion: Mothers must be prepared with the Holistic method of labor to reduce stress and increase maternal confidence in clarifying labor.


labor holistic classes, second stage of labor, stress levels, labor beliefs

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