Relationship Between Age of a term Pregnant Women and Infant Birth Weight: A Cross Sectional Study at Maternity Clinic Ambacang Public Health Center, Padang City

1Baiq Ricca Afrida, Gladeva Yugi Antari, Nurul Hikmah Annisa, Ni Putu Aryani


Nutrition status of maternal before and during pregnancy is one of the most important factors that influence of intrauterine fetuses growth. Chronic energy deficiency will cause of low birth weight infant. Pregnancy accompanied by anemia will affect the body's resistance and it will affect the childbirth process. Risk factors for low birth weight infant affected by the condition of the mother accompanied by malnutrition, anemia, the presence of worm infections and other maternal factors. The aimed of this research was to determine the age of pregnancies for low birth weight infant in the Ambacang Public Health Center. This research was observational with cross sectional design. The samples used in this research were miscarriage mothers at the maternity clinic in Ambacang Public Health Center, Padang City who fulfilled the inclusion criteria. The sampling technique was consecutive sampling. The number of samples in this research were 50 people. Data analysis was conducted using correlation statistical test and t test. The results showed that there was a significant correlation between age of mothers (p = 0.012), toward birth weight of infants. Research conclusion: there is a correlation between the age of mothers and birth weight of infants.


Age of A term Pregnant Women, Infant Birth Weigh.

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