Digital Humanities and Their Importance in Studying the History of Uzbekistan

1Shohistahon Uljaeva, Nodira Rakhmonberdieva, Tulkin Kuyliev, Bakhodir Rakhmonov, Nasiba Yunusova


This article explains modern systems in the field of humanities and their importance at the present stage. The term digital humanities is often found today in our midst. Different numbers, charts, numbers are widely used in the humanitarian sector and they are being introduced more and more. The system is very modern, it is being introduced for quality education and it is better to find out the essence of the problem. Now archival documents, various historical sources are being digitized and they help to save time and provide more accessibility for research. It provides an excellent opportunity to study disciplines, data, and also provides effective and efficient ways of memorizing, comparing, concluding and achieving results. The use of computer technology, animation, planning, diagrams and video presentations of automated historical processes allows us to identify, analyze, complete and evaluate historical processes and their relationships, transformation processes and periodic changes. The article emphasizes the importance of using digital humanities in institutions, archives, museums and educational institutions related to the history of Uzbekistan.


geo-information systems, history, archives, museums, online lessons

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IssueSpecial Issue 1