Problem of Explanation and Understanding in the Evaluation Logic

1Saydazimov T. Kamol


Nowadays, the theory of speech acts is of great interest to philosophy and linguistics as an illustrative expression of the use of language. The process of studying the environment, social, political and economic events is not a problem. And the process of understanding and explanation in human life is a huge responsibility. We will try to look at the following questions in our article: What is the logic of assessment? How does understanding and clarification work in evaluation logic? In this article, the author talks about the descriptive expression of language consumption in the theory of speech acts today. The functions of the speech process performed by the language and the role of using the language in the evaluation logic are indicated. The article also discusses the nature of the logic of evaluation, the nature of the concepts of understanding and explanation, as well as the role of evaluation in human understanding and interpretation.


the character of the differences between language consumption, the functions of the speech process, linguistic and cognitive unity, as well as descriptive and evaluative functions.

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