Developing Students' Speaking Skills through Role Play Technique

1Barno Abdullaeva, Gulnoza Tashtemirova, Saidova Dilnoza, Durdona Chorieva, Zabarjat Zarifova


The main task of contemporary education is the preparation of a competent specialist who is able to effectively solve the set practice-oriented tasks. Building a successful career today is not possible without knowledge of a foreign language. The main goal of learning a foreign language is the formation and improvement of foreign language communicative competence, the development of students' ability to communicate in a foreign language at an intercultural level. Teaching students a foreign language is aimed at the formation and development of a personality capable and willing to participate in communication in a foreign language. One of the most important structural components of communicative competence is speech. The problem of the formation of dialogical skills continues to be relevant in the modern methodology of teaching a foreign language; this is due to the frequency of the use of dialogs in our speech. This article emphasizes the efficiency of role play technique in teaching process and in developing students speaking skills.


role play technique, teaching technologies, communication, role-playing, communicative games, creative task.

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IssueSpecial Issue 1