Project Work and its Importance in Learning English as a Second Language

1Barno Abdullaeva, Gavkhar Djuraeva, Fazilat Sattorova, Gulnoza Maksudova, Dilrabo Tadjikhodjaeva


the article deals with the importance of project work in organizing English lessons effectively and its peculiar features in learning process. The project method is becoming an important link in the educational technology. This method helps students to adapt to their lifestyle, develop independent, creative thinking skills. The importance of this method in teaching process is that students learn how to design their future lesson plans and develop projects to participate in various contests. They will learn to develop a technological map of how to organize theoretical and practical training, that is, to develop a detailed plan for how to conduct the lesson, and to plan their activities as a whole. At the same time, this method has its own peculiarities that must be taken into account. First, it is very difficult to apply this method on topics, subjects. The reasons for this problem are very different. They are difficult to solve within a single science. Second, not all students will be able to solve the problem by preparing a project. Thirdly, this method requires the teacher to have a deep knowledge, experience, continuous work, personal involvement in various projects.


integrative competencies, design activities, technical design, personality-oriented training, information technology.

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