Peculiarity of the Functional State of the Small Intestine in the Use of Diets from Uzbek and European Dishes in Case of Chronic Poisoning with Bagir Insecticide and Correction of Metabolic Processes by Medicinal Plants

1Mukaddaskhon Khamrakulova, Askar Sadikov, Ernazar Navruzov, Munisa Ilyasova, Nargiza Ergasheva


Today, it is necessary to take into account the traditional features of nutrition of the population of Uzbekistan in many ways different from the nutrition of other peoples and developed over the years under the influence of climatic, geographical and social-economic living conditions. Objective--To determine experimentally the peculiarities of influence of national and European dishes on biochemical processes of the small intestine in case of chronic poisoning with Bagir insecticide using decoction from complex of plant preparations. Methods--The experiments were carried out on 312 white male rats weighing 170-190 g. In animals poisoned with "Bagir" insecticide in a dose of 1/20 LD50 (44.4 mg/kg), the efficacy of Uzbek dishes was studied by studying the activity of intestinal hydrolase enzymes. Results--The results of experimental studies are presented, showing that the experimental comparison of the assessment of the Uzbek and European dishes and the specific feed of vivarium on the state of biochemical indicators of carbohydrate energy, protein metabolism of the mucous membrane of the small intestine of laboratory animals differed little. At the same time, the activity content of amylase peptidase and the activity of digestive enzymes of splitting peptides of carbohydrates (invertase, amylase) and phosphohydrolase of monoethers of orthophosphatase and alkaline phosphatase,glutamatdehydrogenase (GDG), succinatdehydrogenase (SDH) increased respectively in comparison with animals on the vivarium diet, and the obtained all indicators were close to the control group.Conclusions--Regulation of biochemical processes of mucous membrane of small intestine in poisoned animals received Uzbek dishes with decoctions of medicinal plant preparations have the same effect between the received European cuisine, except for a few indicators - the activity of dipeptidase, alkaline phosphatase and pyruvic acid, more effective effect was revealed in animals received Uzbek dishes.


Uzbek dishes, Bagira insecticide, medicinal plants, intestinal enzymes.

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