An Introduction to Ancient Greece Philosophy in Beruni's Works

1Marifat Hamdamova, Bekpolat Turobov


The article describes the favorable social and spiritual conditions, religious tolerance and political stability which created great opportunities for the development of social sciences in Khorasm and Movarounnahr in the Middle Ages. In this regard, the writings by the representatives of the Mamun Academy, in particular, contributed to the great contribution of Abu Rayhan Beruni to the development of Eastern philosophical thoughts.Abu Rayhan Beruni's relation to ancient Greek philosophy was analyzed by his close association with ancient Indian philosophy, with quotations from Greek sources in the book "India". In the first medieval period the main factors and key directions of the socio-philosophical views of Muslim countries were outlined. In the study of Aristotle's scientific heritage and approach to its problems, the two leading thinkers of Central Asia learned that two directions were formed. The study also includes the views of Greek philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.The capital of the Arab Caliphate, Baghdad was not only a political center in the Middle East, but also a cultural and scientific center. The work of the al-Bayt al-Hikma, which operates here, expresses the view that many works of famous Greek naturalists and thinkers were translated into Arabic.


Beruni, Khorezm, Farabi, Ibn Sina, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Greek, Indian, philosophy.

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