Study the Process of Harmonization Formation of Personal and Professional Qualities at Students

1Mansur Bekmurodov, Feruza Akhmedova, Khalima Kadirova


The article studies the issues of harmonization formation process of personal and professional qualities at students, as well as the issues of development of professional motivation at future pharmacists. A number of competencies, which need to be developed at future specialists of this industry, are listed. The professional development of a specialist in a higher educational institution requires further research, since more and more new requirements are placed on the quality of training of specialists with higher education. The basic paradigms of the educational process are radically changing, and established approaches and schemes for training specialists break down. Therefore, there is a need to study this problem and search for increasingly advanced approaches for effective professional training and education of a competitive specialist during student training. Modern higher education should create appropriate conditions for the training of a competent specialist, focused on continuous professional development, self-improvement, which will ensure a high level of competitiveness, productivity of professional activity and, as a result, career growth and self-realization. In addition to successfully mastering the necessary knowledge base and skills in accordance with the specifics of the chosen specialty, it is also important to possess the most expressed professionally necessary qualities and practical skills that are the conditions for the effective performance of professional functions at any stage of the professional formation of an individual. The process of personal formation in the system of vocational education is inherent in the psychophysiological changes that occur in a person when mastering professional activity. Professional development of a person includes the accumulation of certain knowledge, mastery of skills and specific methods of practical activity and their continuous improvement. It is important to direct the pedagogical process in higher education to prepare a creative, self-actualizing personality, a future professional. The relevance of the topic of the article is due to the need of society for a competitive specialist with professional competence, adequately assessing himself as a professional and capable of further personal and professional self-realization and self-education in the labor market.


profession, professional competence, medicine, students, professional advancement, education, sociological analysis, pharmaceutics.

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