Religious Xenophobia as a Factor in Cause of Extremism and Terrorism

1Zahid Islamov, Durbek Rakhimjonov, Aziza Nosirova


This article explores the causes of great importance that arise as a result of religious xenophobia, extremism and terrorism, their historical roots, the negative understanding. These realities, which have become a major threat to sustainable development and the development of the society, are now facing many disasters in the world. The phenomenon of religious xenophobia - a profound understanding of the methodology, origins and ways of prevention, provides a clear definition of future trends. In particular, extremist and terrorist attacks have reached a very long history but have also reached a climax today. In most cases, it is a pity that innocent people who believe in various religions become victims of it. Extremism and terrorism, in many cases, lead to the collapse of all countries and countries and, in many cases, cause the country's political, economic, socio-cultural structure to fail. As a result, artificial increase in migration, which is the only negative consequence of it, can lead to disagreements between indigenous peoples and migrants. The main purpose of the researcher is to study religious extremism, extremism and terrorism, and to use and avoid the use of scientific methods.


Religious xenophobia, extremism, terrorism, extremist organizations, migration processes, political-economic, social situation, religious tolerance, fanaticism, illegal actions.

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