The Role of Computer Technologies in Learning Process

1Yokubova Mavlyuda, Abdullayeva Gulchekhra, Tokhtayeva Matluba, Majidova Oysafar, Ikramova Gulnora


The article analyses basic concepts related to the connection of modern education with the information technologies and deals with the role of computer technology in the educational process. Today it is quite possible to trace some trends that are beginning to show up in the field of CT development. First of all, this is due to the emergence of the so-called information learning environments and virtual educational spaces, which are built according to the “student - intermediary - teacher” system, where modern IT tools act as an intermediary. New forms of organization of educational information appear which are characterized by non-linear structuring of educational material, which, in turn, allows the student to choose an individual learning path. Thus, the study and analysis of special literature on the role of CT, the development of students' information competence, shows that education as a basic social institution, which determines to a greater extent the prospects for Russia's progress, can normally exist and effectively develop, and remain a modern knowledge industry as a leading cultural value only subject to the use of constantly updated IT - an important component of the information technology environment of each educational institution, their system of integration into all types and forms of the educational process.


Education, Information Technology, New Information Technologies, Computer technologies.

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IssueSpecial Issue 1