Facebook Interaction Effects on Self Esteem and Narcissistic Behavior

1Bayan M. Al-Sobaihi, Annechien Helsdingen


In recent times, the usage of Facebook among the student community at Saudi Arabia has increased. This trend might have an impact on the students in terms of self esteem and narcissistic behavior. Therefore, this study was done to analyze the implication of Facebook interactions on self-esteem and narcissistic behavior among the Saudi Arabia student community. This work was done based on quantitative research method. The sample population of this work was 50 female students from Effat University. Data collected was done using questionnaire. The data were analyzed in terms of basic statistics. The results of this work have shown that majority of the respondents, which was about 38 % check Facebook once or twice a week. In addition, the result showed that 44 % of the respondents stated that they received 25 to 50 likes per post. The self-esteem analysis showed that 88 % of the majority agreed that they felt that they were a person of worth. Furthermore, 96 % also agreed that they had a number of good qualities. Analysis of narcissism has shown that 56 % like to be at the center of attention. In addition, the result showed that 48 % stated that they were a special person compared to other people.The findings concluded that the respondents have demonstrated good self-esteem and exhibited mild narcissistic characteristics.


Social media, networking, Facebook, self-esteem, narcissistic, Saudi Arabia

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IssueSpecial Issue 1